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Which version should I get?

You can find the official feature comparsion chart here:

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FL Studio 12 is here!

With the new version 12 many things changed. See what's new here and save some money with a discount.

Now available: FL Studio 12 BETA

If you have an IL account you can download and test version 12! Have a look at some of the changes:

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FL Studio 11.1 is here!

Existing customers can get the new version free of charge! (Download the full installer or the update)

What's New?

Now the team at IL will put all the work in the next release - FL Studio 12!

FL Studio 11.0.4 now available!

Whats new?

  • IL Remote support (A soon to be released Android & iOS controller app)
  • Added controller support (Novation Launch Control, DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D, Electrix Tweaker, Livid VNTRL-R & Livid BASE)
  • Newtone: Updated engine (bugfixes, works more like FL Piano roll & move around with arrow keys)
  • Control Surface: Fixed oversized sliders after saving and loading a preset or song
  • Edison: Fixed drag/drop to FL browser
  • Patcher: Various bugfixes
  • ReWired: Fixed bug hiding plugin editor. fix for device enumeration
  • Wrapper: Fixed keyboard input in some VST3 plugins, added context menu support for (some) VST 3.5 plugins. 

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FL Studio beginner tutorial

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FL Studio 11

FL Studio 11 is available now! If you order online you will receive lifetime free updates. You can download the new version RIGHT NOW! PLUS every future major release: FL Studio 12, FL Studio 13, ...

FL Studio 64 bit BETA is available

This beta version moves the core application of FL Studio to native 64 bits. Customers can download the setup from Looptalk 

FL Studio 10.5 BETA is available

Registered customers can now try the beta version of FL Studio 10.5! Beside some tweaks and optimizations the biggest improvement in this version is the overhaul of the performance mode:

Full list of changes in 10.5 beta:

  • Performance Mode - Trigger Clips using your mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller.
  • New controllers supported - APC20/40, Launchpad, Block, MASCHINE / MASCHINE MIKRO, padKONTROL
  • Unique controller MIDI input port - Controllers can now be assigned unique input & output ports for feedback.
  • Linking includes MIDI input port - Links now use MIDI input ports to avoid conflict between controllers
  • New Content Library - The content library has received a complete overhaul based on user input.
  • Options > Project general settings > Play truncated notes in clips - Restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips.
  • Horizontal/Vertical movement locking - Shift (horizontal lock) & Ctrl (vertical lock) when moving items.
  • Piano roll click & hold functions - Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity change, Mouse wheel tool select.
  • Piano roll - Brush tool: Monophonic step mode (hold shift for old behavior). Chop chords: Strum & Articulate tools.
  • Improved Tap Tempo & Fine control - Updated algorithm + nudge control for Performance Mode.
  • Instrument Channels - Ctrl+mouse wheel on Channel button to change the mixer track.
  • Stay open sub-menus - Right click to check several menu items without closing them.
  • Plugin Picker - Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.
  • Right-click data enter - Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.

How to link your controller and FL Studio

In this video FL Studio Guru explains how easy it is to link your hardware controller (sliders and knobs) with FL Studio plugins. The best part is: the links are permanent and per plugin (you can use the same slider for more than one plugins)!

FL Studio 9.7 Beta UPDATE 7

FL Studio 9.7 Beta Update 7 is now available!

Complete 9.7 Beta changelog:

update 7

- wrapper: fixed bridge crash on exit

- Pitcher: fixed expiration date

- Pitcher: no stereo knob in normal mode
  (additional controls appear when harmonizing button is pressed)

- Pitcher: cleaned up formant shifter

- Pitcher: fixed stereo channel phase shifting

- Pitcher: ability to control minimum frequency

- Pitcher: many small fixes

- Newtone: adapted editor to bar/beat changes

update 6b

- fixed Newtone loading/saving of files with special characters

- fixed NewStuff for changes to Pitcher

- fixed wrapper defaulting to inactive outputs for bridged plugins ("no sound" bug)

update 5

- Newtone: changed center knob behaviour:
   it's now relative to the current pitch offset of notes instead of the original offset

- Pitcher: control notes will need to be transposed up 1 octave
   (select all and use Ctrl + Up arrow).
   MIDI latching switches will need re-setting and Panning knob re-adjusting. Updated NewStuff included in update 6.

- wrapper: fixed initial input and output offset index for (64bit) bridged plugins

update 4

- Newtone: made sample loading a bit safer against crashes

- Newtone: fixed center knob behaviour

update 3

- Newtone: fixed fade in/out issue

- Pitcher: fixed demo mode, various other fixes

update 2

- fix in using "fixed size buffers" in bridged mode

update 1

- Newtone: various bugfixes

- wrapper: fixed bridged mode

FL Studio 9.5 Preview!

This preview demonstrates the awesome memory management that will come with the upcoming version 9.5 of FL  Studio.

Version 9.1 will be released the week starting April 12! Check out the Top 10 new features added in FL Studio 9.1:

Harmless 1.0.2 released!

The updated version of Harmless is now available.


  • mod wheel to frequency link can now be removed
  • selected preset is remembered when plugin window is closed and re-opened
  • fixed occasional 3 second pause when changing presets in some hosts

Harmless synthesizer released!


IL released a new subtractive synthesizer called Harmless. The unique thing is that it is powered by an additive synthesis engine. Read all about it here.


Until December 31st you can buy Harmless for the price you think it is worth (with a minimum to cover the transaction fees and handling)!


DirectWave released!


DirectWave has been released today. It can be downloaded from www.image-line.com or from your user account page (for registered users).


New feature


  • added trigger groups (random triggering)




Changes / Fixes:

  • now searches for samples in subfolder with program name when loading .dwp

  • increased max size of zone and program name to 128

  • implemented new save/restore routine, unified across FL/VST and dwp/dwb

  • changed config file extension from .cfg to .dwcfg to avoid conflict with Logic

  • bugfix: crash in VST sampling because of buffer overflow

  • bugfix: read sample position offset fields from sf2 file (start, end, loop start, loop end)

  • bugfix: zone voice count display

  • bugfix: visual representation of programs in library if their names were too long



FL Studio 9.0.3 released


FL Studio 9.0.3 is now available!



  • VST3 plugin support

  • Dashboard: added "send pitch bend range" option

  • Wrapper: added pitch bend range selection field

  • Wrapper: added support for Presonus parameter menu interface

  • Added 'Sidechain to this track only' option in mixer.

  • Fixed window focus problem when dropping MIDI files onto a piano

  • Fixed problem when creating automation clips for channel parameters

  • Fixed timeline scroll bug

  • Fixed patterns listed in inverted order in the step sequencer

  • Downloader: fixed showing downloader for effect plugins

  • Downloader: fixed update process

  • Synthmaker: corrected an issue with exported FL plugins where the plugin wasn't fully instantiated until the GUI was opened

  • Synthmaker: fixed a bug that prevented sysex from being received from an external MIDI device



FL Studio 9.0.1 released


FL Studio 9.0.1 is now (November 17, 2009) ready for download at the official download page.


Read the changelog here.


Maxx' plugins updated!


New versions of the following plugins - Windows (FL/VST) and MacOS X (AU/VST) - are available now:


  • Hardcore (v1.1.1)

  • Morphine (v1.5.2)

  • PoiZone (v2.3.3)

  • Sakura (v1.0.4)

  • Sawer (v1.1.2)

  • Toxic Biohazard (v1.1.2)


Slicex VSTi Plugin version 1.0.6 released!


The version 1.0.6 of Slicex is now available for download on the personal account page (for registered users only)



  • dragging midi score now works again


Sakura 1.0.2 VST plugin released!


The new VST plugin by Image Line called Sakura (japanese for 'cherry blossom') is now available! It focuses on the simulation of string based instruments and sounds. Read more about it here 


 Sakura VST Screenshot

New versions of many Image Line VST plugins!


These are plugins that have been updated:


  • Autogun (v1.1.4)

  • DirectWave (v1.4.8)

  • DrumSynth Live (v1.1.15)

  • DX-10 (v1.1.10)

  • Edison (v2.2)

  • Gross Beat (v1.0.4)

  • Juice Pack (v2.1.4)

  • Maximus (v1.0.7)

  • Ogun (v1.1.4)

  • SimSynth Live (v1.1.13)

  • Slicex (v1.0.5)

  • Sytrus (v2.6.5)



FL Studio 9 released!


FL Studio 9 is now available for download! Read about FL Studio 9 here. 


Some of the 370 additions, changes & bugfixes in FL Studio 9 are:



  • Playlist track naming & icon - Tools for better song organization.

  • Playlist track mute controls.

  • Multi-core CPU (Hyperthreading) - Improved multithreaded generator & added multithreaded effects processing.

  • Riff machine - Automatic sequence generator tool.

  • Note Grouping - New feature (works on selecting, moving, resizing,  deletion, muting, shifting using mouse-wheel).


New plugins (free for customers with free lifetime updates):


  • Autogun

  • Stereo Shaper

  • Vocodex (free with producer edition)


Revised Plugins:


  • SimSynth Live, DrumSynth Live, DX-10, WASP and WASP XT are now included in FL Studio (Fruity edition upwards).

  • Fruity Reeverb 2 - Added Mid vs Side input signal processing.

  • Fruity Wrapper - Now supports multiple inputs/outputs (free).

  • Wavecandy - Visualization & analysis tools (free).

  • Fruity Limiter - Compressor section now has sidechaining (free).



Vocodex preview


This is a quick review of the new Vocodex plugin that will be included in FL Studio 8.5:



Stay tuned!


Soon FLStudioDiscount.com will provide more informations and news about the different FL Studio versions and the wide variety of plugins by Image Line.




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